To Play in Europe or To Stay Home…That is the Question

07 Jul 2009


Senior year of high school is a time stress for most students as they ponder their futures at a university or in the real world.  But for prime-time prospects it is a time to hone your skills as you take the leap to an elite basketball program in hopes of a lucrative future in the NBA.  But for San Diego native Jeremy Tyler neither sufficed so he looked abroad. Tyler, 17, stands 6-foot-11 and is as sought after as any high school player since Lebron James, and like Lebron college basketball fans will never get a chance to see him in March Madness. In the face of ban on high school players going straight to the NBA, Tyler has decided that foregoing his senior year of high school to play in Europe is his best option.

Tyler’s decision is one that will spark controversy for years to come similar to Kevin Garnett’s decision to forgo college. Ive heard many experts offer their opinion about the decision so i will throw my two cents in.


  • Tyler no longer has to face the double and triple teams that prevent him from developing NBA style post moves. He will now practice and play more NBA style basetball where he can hone his back to the basket skills.
  • There are no limitations to how often or how much he can practice like there would be in college.
  • Tyler will not get embroiled in the money and deceit of college basketball recruiting, although he may have already considering he signed with Rick Pitino at Louisville
  • Tyler stands to make a significant amount of money through his contract and any endorsements he get. (As oppose to the $0 he would be allowed in high school and college)
  • Two years in Europe will  make him mature a lot faster than two years in the USA. He will be playing with and against men who are trying to make a living and who do not want to get shown up by a seventeen year old American.
  • He could become an icon and start a movement similar to what Kevin Garnett started in 1995.


  • Can he handle the pressure that will be put on him everyday to perform like a professional? He is going to go from a 15-11 high school team to a team where winning is a job. He is going to have to realize fast that it is no longer a game.
  • Is he physically ready?To this point he has been untested physically. There are not players in high school to stop a guy this size, but in Europe there are. He was describe as one scout as Hakeem with more athleticism, but how will that hold up when he is getting beat up on by a 280 pound Spaniard.
  • Can he handle the stress of no longer living in the US. He is moving to a place where he does not speak the language and has no friends, will he be able to handle himself or will he fall apart?
  • His weaknesses that high school and college may not have exposed will definitely be exposed in Europe. He will have to be solid in every facet of the game to make it back to the NBA.

My Opinion:

I personally think this is a good idea. It is extremely risky and may blow up in his face but he is young and will have other chance. Brandon Jennings led the way and seemed to struggle in the new culture and came back after one season to see his stock fall from where it once was. Tyler will have to face two years of the struggle, but he will undoubtedly mature a lot and develop his game to where he will be a better pro than if he had stayed in the US. I applaud Tyler’s brave decision and with him the best.

Oh and also BJ Mullens went 24th in this years draft and he is miserable so Tyler has to go in the first round still.
Jeremy Tyler- My Life
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