The WWE Raw Drinking Game

20 Jul 2009


With the Rawleigh tonight, i decided that posting the Monday Night Raw drinking game would be good to spread the good word of WWE. These are only a handful in total there are about 100 with new ones added every week. These rules are also followed rather loosely because if you were to strict adhere you would get alcohol poisoning.

Drink every time…

  1. there is entrance music
  2. a wrestler uses his/her special move
  3. there is unnecessary backstage drama
  4. there is a 2 count on an attempted pin
  5. drink double for a one count
  6. you laugh (this one gets brutal)
  7. the ref does unnecessary and ridiculous hand motions
  8. there is an attempted joke that is terrible
  9. a diva muff dives another diva
  10. they hype their next pay-per-view
  11. you see a terrible sign in the crowd
  12. an outside object, a chair, ladder, sledgehammer, etc., is introduced to the match
  13. Raw cuts to commercial mid-match only to return to the other guy winning now (called a “Commercial Reversal”)
  14. a tag team partner begs to be tagged in
  15. someone is knocked out by something that shouldn’t have hurt
  16. they mess up a move

This game is to be played with 40’s of Malt Liquor or Beer.