On a Scale of One to Douche, Where Does Your Favorite Player Rank?

Here is the scale… You be the judge.

1.Peyton Manning

2. Shaq

3. Tiger Woods, although he may start a meteoric rise to the top

4. Ron Artest

5. Brett Favre

6. Alex Rodriguez

7. Bill Romanowski

8. Jose Canseco

9. Ryan Leaf

And at the highest level of douche…..

10. Tim Tebow

12 Reasons You Were Never Meant to Dunk

1. You can dunk the ball . . . but you’re considered clinically obese:

2. You have absolutely ZERO depth perception:

3. You think the trampoline is a great place to dunk from:

4. You had to enlist in the military instead of the NBA . . . and still can’t dunk:

5. If you think Sir Isaac Newton’s laws do not apply to chairs and dunking off of them:

6. The high school asked you to be the mascot instead of the center:

7. They ask you to put on a Scream mask before attempting a dunk:

8. You’re fat, dunking depends on your life, and there’s only a bucket:

9. See (5) and apply to shopping carts:

10. You’re a nerd and you have a dunk called “the Spidey” involving wall climbing:

11. If your friends convince you to jump off their backs . . . from 10 ft out:

12. You don’t believe in the slippery powers of freaking ICE: