Tiger In Sex Rehab… It’s Called Being Cool Where I Come From

18 Jan 2010

Friday it was reported that Tiger Woods had entered a sex rehab clinic in Mississippi, the birthplace of weird sexual behavior. Today the National Enquirer, who initially broke the Tiger Woods cheating scandal, confirms that report, and adds that hopefully he’s making lots of new friends because his wife has yet to visit him.

Tiger is undergoing a six-week intensive treatment directed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, who pioneered treatment for sexually compulsive behavior.
Yet, he’s already planning his comeback and aiming to be back on the PGA tour by Spring possibly for the Masters Tournament April 5.
Meanwhile his wife Elin who has been consulting with a top celeb divorce lawyer is still not wearing her wedding ring in public and has yet to visit her promiscuous hubby in the cloistered rehab facility.

Good. Awesome. Forget about that dork. This chick is an easily tricked hot Swedish model just a few months away from cashing a check worth several hundred million dollars. The only way she could be any more of a perfect potential girlfriend is if she naturally produced kool-aid and tasted like grape when you went down on her.