WWE Rawleigh

Monday Night Raw in Raleigh, NC has come and gone and we are still awed by the wrestling live and ashamed of the fake ZZ Top. Going to Raw this past Monday fulfilled a teenage dream of mine, only it proved to be so much more. Let me give you...

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The WWE Raw Drinking Game

With the Rawleigh tonight, i decided that posting the Monday Night Raw drinking game would be good to spread the good word of WWE. These are only a handful in total there are about 100 with new ones added every week. These rules are also followed rather loosely because if...

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Spear Fishing F#CK YEAH!

Mancation is over, but the memories will never be forgotten. We slept in a bear sanctuary. Threw hatchets. Went fucking spear fishing. Got caught. Started fires. Grunted and shit.  

Cubicle Man vs Wild

This upcoming weekend is father’s day. And what will make my father more proud than knowing his eldest son survived a weekend in the wild during a much needed “mancation.” I spend 45-50 hours a week in a cubicle. I live in a city that has smog capable of suffocating...

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Japanese Football is rather . . . Strange?

With the impending NFL draft, the Japanese are putting forth their best athlete via anime . . . and the Detroit Lions are taking interest. According to this highlight realm, “Eyeshield 21” can run a blistering 0.23 in the 40, has an unmeasurable vertical, and can only be tackled with...

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ECU Looks to Update Pirate Logo

Some East Carolina University students (who have been longly overshadowed by the Tar Heels, Wolf Pack, Blue Devils, and Demon Deacons) have been inspired by the recent uprising in the Somalia pirates off the coast of Africa. It’s about time the school trades the swash and buckle for the AK-47 and a...

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