Dick Vitale Agrees: Paulus will be the NFL’s Diaper Dandy of the Year

14 Apr 2009

This whole situation is completely and utterly unbelievable. The ACC’s most lovable goat has got the call from the NFL and the Green Bay Packers have agreed to give the point guard a tryout at quarterback. After sitting the bench nearly the entire season, it was evident his only options were pursuing the Wojo route, or suck ass to some Duke alum the rest of his life. 

I guess after seeing him teabagged on 382 different occasions by nearly every ACC player capable of grabbing a rim they figured he could be a Packer as well. He will indeed be a quarterback that knows how to handle a sack as his 6’1” 180 pound  figure will go against the likes of AJ Hawk and company in practice. The sad, sad fact is that in the category of whiny NFL quarterbacks, Paulus may have a longer career than the 6’5″, 240 pounds Ryan Leaf.   

Yet in his defense, Paulus actually has a list of accomplishments. He had broken nearly every New York HS football record as quarterback at Christian Brothers Academy by his junior year. The school boasts a pro spread offense and runs a Colt-styled shotgun nearly every down. He has an arm and to many foot

ball analysts it was a shocker that he went for only basketball. The kid is the size of John Elway on a good day . . . minus the 20 pounds and 2 inches. How well will this kid translate into the NFL? I think this explains it all:

Need a Source? Yeah, there’s proof: WRAL