The Atlanta Storm Lingerie Football Team is Relocating to the Queen City

22 Apr 2009

After being booted from their arena in Atlanta and failing to secure a new location, reports have confirmed that the Atlanta Steam lingerie football team will be relocating to Charlotte next season. There are few details as to when or where they will play, but let’s just hope they don’t get the panther-swipe from God-fearing locals looking to run all scantily clad women out of town. It’s not stripping and it’s not topless mud wrestling . . . it’s a nice little mixture of both on a football field. 

With the banking taking a sour turn in Charlotte and the economy continuing to plummet, this lingerie football team is just what North Carolina needs to see the light on the other side. 

In other, slightly more important news . . . the Carolina Hurricanes won 4-3 last night over New Jersey with just 0.2 seconds remaining. Dislocated northerners and NC Staters remain the only North Carolinians to care until the finals. 

Source: Monkeys Throwing Darts