John Wall Arrested for Breaking and Entering

04 May 2009

john-wallThe nation’s premiere basketball recruit, John Wall was arrested last week on April 27th for breaking and entering in a Raleigh residence. According to the NewsandObserver:


Wall, 18, a senior at Raleigh Word of God, was arrested April 27 by a Raleigh police officer and issued a citation charging him with misdemeanor breaking and entering, said Wake County chief magistrate Gary Wills.

The citation is similar to one issued for a traffic violation, Wills said. “You can be cited for a misdemeanor breaking and entering,” he said. No warrant was executed, and Wall was not detained. Wills said he did not know the location of the arrest.


The 6-foot-4 inch point guard is being courted by the nation’s elite basketball programs including Duke, Kentucky, Memphis, and NC State. But will a program of such history such as these keep a recruit charged with breaking and entering? I certainly hope not. There are recruiting standards . . . and breaking and entering charges against a recruit who has also failed to even meet college admission requirements is a huge blow. When all said and done, this charge should make him a lock for the Wildcats and Calipari.  They’ve taken guys with a lot more baggage. Tyreke Evans was behind the wheel in a drive-by shooting during his recruiting period. If the rumors were true that he was holding out for UNC and the Tar Heels, there is absolutely no way Roy will make that offer now. He will be lucky for Lowe and the Wolfpack to keep the offer out there for him.