Charlotte Runner Sleeps in Porta-Potty, Runs Fast as Shit Next Day

27 May 2009

picture-2This tidbit from the magazine Runner’s World. In what he kept a secret until recent, Charlotte freshman Justin Weber revealed that he slept inches about feces prior to winning the Folly Beach 10-Miler at a time of  1:02. He sent a letter to the Charlotte Observer earlier this month revealing:

Justin Weber, 18, a college freshman from Charlotte, North Carolina, couldn’t afford a hotel stay before the Folly Beach 10-Miler near Charleston, South Carolina, in November. A rainstorm kept him from camping outside. So Weber spent the night in a porta-potty. The cramped quarters didn’t hurt his race time: He won in 1:02.

“I sat on the seat lid and leaned back against the wall. I actually got a good night’s sleep. The stall was clean, and I was right by the beach, so it was soothing listening to the waves.”

While the Charlotte Observer’s entertainment editor decided to rip Justin a new asshole for choosing such rank living quarters before the race, I would just like to applaud Justin in his decision. 

First of all, Justin probably caught a ride down to Charleston with a friend on the way for a Southern style hook up with one of the many girls that roam the sidewalks of that historic city. Needless to say, a car was out of the question in that matter. 

And while college does indeed require money, it is often rare in the pockets of college students. Especially the students that have to pay an entry fee for a race the next day. If editor Théoden Janes never had to spend a week or six eating only ramen noodles during undergrad in order to save money for beer, then more power to him. I know we had many gloomy dinners on Pritchard Avenue in Chapel Hill.

In conclusion, clean porta-pottys do exist in this day and age. Indeed I’ve seen stalls that I was hesitant to step in at such events as Preakness or the Coca-Cola 600 . . . but I’ve also seen ones that I would eat my dinner inside. I hope he was capable of finding one of the latter, but if not, we completely understand where this young man is coming from in his shitty endeavors.