Want A Reason to Not Like Duke? Just Read This:

11 Jun 2009

There has been a family emergency for the past week that has taken up our time, so please forgive us for failure to update. However, this UNC blog has done a great job dissecting the hate for Duke:

Like so many other Tar Heels I am sure that the most asked question we hear is: “why don’t you like (or hate or can’t stand or whatever else you want to insert here) Duke?”. Some of the answers are: Coach K, or Henderthug err Henderson, or the flopping that most players that call Cameron Indoor Stadium home do so frequently, or the smirks/tudes that so many Blue Devils have, or (one of my favorites) Wojo, or JJ or the Cameron Crazies. For me the answer is different, I don’t like the arch rival because I do one simple thing: read. Yes, I get up in the morning and after checking out what the sites with a touch of carolina blue are saying I then go and check what the teams UNC has a rivalry with are saying (I guess an online version of keeping my friends close and my enemies closer). While I was surfing today I found this little jewel, that I have to link because I am going to quote from it, but I’m definitely not linking because I think they are owed any traffic.