The Reverse Booze

14 Jul 2009

Earlier this summer the man who brought you the Boozer debuted the Reverse Booze a brand new way to cripple a franchise. Yes Carlos Boozer 5 years removed from crippling the Cavaliers debuted his new signature move to set back the Utah Jazz.
Since October Boozer made it clear he was opting out of his final year of his contract to enter the 2009 Free Agency pool. In December he publicly stated he was opting out.

“I’m opting out. No matter what, I’m going to get a raise regardless,” Boozer told (December 20, 2008) “I am going to opt out, I don’t see why I wouldn’t, I think it’s a very good business decision for me and my family, but I’d also like to see what happens with the Jazz and stay here.”

Though few teams had the cap space to make a serious run at Boozer it was believed he would heavily pursued by the Detroit Pistons. The Utah Jazz welcomed Carlos Boozers free agency because it freed up money to allow them to resign restricted free agent Paul Milsap.

On June 30th Carlos Boozer broke yet another promise to a franchise and decided to pick up his player option for 2010. At first the Utah Jazz appeared to be happy that their All Star was returning.

“We are excited that Carlos has decided to remain with the Jazz,” general manager Kevin O’Connor said in a release. “We are hopeful he can continue to play at an All-Star level and will have an injury-free season.”

The Jazz hoped to work some financial magic and retain Paul Milsap until the Portland Trailblazers decided to sign Paul Milsap to a 4 year 32 million dollar deal that included 10.3 million dollars up front. According to the Salt Lake Tribune a few days after Milsap was signed to the offer sheet (which the Jazz have until Friday to match) Jazz Chief executive Greg Miller allegedly told Carlos Boozer he was not a part of the team’s long term plans. The Jazz have now been forced to scramble and find a trade partner in order to clear up money to be able to keep Paul Milsap. The Bulls were serious contenders until they expressed interest in Jerrod Bayless from Portland (in a three way trade that would send Boozer and Bayless to the Bulls, Ty Thomas to the Jazz and Kirk Hinrich to Portland). Portland was reluctant to give up Bayless causing the deal to fall through. The Jazz offered the Pistons a Prince for Boozer deal that the Pistons quickly denied. Now it seems like the two main suitors are the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat.

Carlos Boozer has piqued the interest of Donnie Walsh and the New York Knicks because he would fill in for David Lee (if he leaves for free agency) and only has 1 year left on his contact. And as everyone knows the Knicks are trying to compile as many 1 year contracts as possible to make a serious run at LeBron James.

The Miami Heat are seeking Carlos Boozer presumably under the direction of their superstar Dwayne Wade. Wade has publicly stated he wants the Heat to make improvements before he will sign an extension and the organization feels that his former Olympic teammate could be enough to keep Wade on South Beach.

Only time will tell how this reverse Booze will affect Carlos. He could end up in Miami and live it up on South Beach or he could very well spend one more year in Utah and take his chances during the 2010 off season spending spree. The Jazz only have a few more days to work financial magic to keep their guy Milsap otherwise they might be the first victim of the reverse Booze.