Tiger’s Year, a Failure?

15 Jul 2009

0 majors, WHAT? NO top fives in any of the majors, how could he possibly still be the best player in the world? These are the expectations of Tiger Woods these days. The biggest fault in Tiger Woods’ game is his own dominance. There are only a handful of athletes in the world who command the same expectations, and these guys get dogged. Lets look at the misery that has been Tiger’s 2009.

Tiger has played in a total of nine tournaments this year,eight being typical stroke play events. Of those eight stroke play events, he has finished in the top 10 every time. Of those eight, he has won 3, or 37.5% of them. Use this for reference, if you hit .300 in baseball you get a hit 30% of your at-bats and you are considered one of the greatest to ever play the game. But no Tiger wins more than 30% and it is a down year for him. Come on, give him a break!

Another fun fact about Tiger’s disappointing season, the one match play event, The World Golf Classic, Tiger placed 17th and won $95,000. Some may think, How could Tiger finish in 17th?!? I think $95,000, damn for 17th! Just to give a little perspective,

  • Tiger made $95,000 for playing less than 36 holes of golf, which equates to about $2,639 dollars per hole!!! That is failure for Tiger though.
  • Oh and by the way, $95,000 is more than 82% of Americans make in a year and he got that for about 10 hours of work.
  • In Tiger’s mom’s birthplace, Thailand, thats 38 peoples salaries for a whole year

Despite his miserable choke jobs in majors though, somehow Tiger has defeated his complete lack of skill to win three tournaments this year and about $4.5 million. Tiger has played a total of 576 holes (courtesy of ESPN) and when you divide that by his total prize money he is making more than $7,900 per hole he has played this year.

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