You did WHAT playing softball?

16 Jul 2009

Slow pitched men’s softball. America’s sport. God’s sport. My dad used to say there is nothing in this world like Sunday tournaments. My family went Methodist to Baptist for this mere reason. Blasphemous? You bed your ass it was. But it also resulted in my father’s notorious 8 time church league championship run. Goddamned brilliant. My dad had the arm of a rocket and the mind of a scientist. He threw the ball faster than fuck . . . underhanded. What are the dangers in playing against overly aggressive men with 3 children, a wifely forced¬†vasectomy, and a 40 hour work week? Deadspin pointed it out all too well.¬†

A Botched Slide:

A Pulled Hammy:

A Slip at First Base:

And a Broken Ankle: