Expectations for RAWleigh

17 Jul 2009


On Monday, July 20th, I will be crossing off one line of my bucket list-attend a WWE/WWF event. From 5th to 7th grade, I was a WWF fanatic, I watched wrestling five nights a week ranging from WWF Raw and Smackdownm to WCW Nitro on Wednesday nights. But as I matured wrestling became a thing of the past, a desperate attempt at enjoyment in the misery of puberty. But when college came around I found a group of people that understood what it is to watch Monday Night Raw, and the rest as we say is history.

Monday Night Raw in Raleigh, NC has been renamed RAWleigh and will most definitely change my life. Let me hit you with my expectations.

  • The Guest Host ZZ Top will perform a song and undoubtedly get attacked in the ring and cause an intense change of events for the pay-per-view next Sunday.
  • Mullets, Mullets, and more Mullets
  • Edward 40 Hands for the whole crew
  • Playing the epic RAW drinking game while in the stadium

I will post the RAW drinking game rules up on Monday, there are a lot of them and they are constantly changing so its a tough game to master.