TMZ Purchases Lamest Video in Sports History – Lebron Getting Dunked On

22 Jul 2009

Hollywood hotshot paparazzi website TMZ has one it once again. I visited their site. 

Over 2 weeks ago they were the first to report the Michael Jackson death . . . so I understandably averted my attention from a fantasy mock draft to read their claims. Sure enough, they were correct in their reporting. Sites like this thrive off the misery of other, such as Jessica Simpson being grossly overweight or Miley Cyrus falling in love with a hillbilly cousin. There’s just not much substance in their reporting. I hate visiting sites like this but yesterday they reportedly purchased the Lebron James dunk video for over $50,000 in American ca-ching.  

They hyped it up like the was the Zapruder film of the 21st century. Lebron James, American basketball hero . . . the “next” Michael Jordan . . . gets dunked on by Xavier’s Jordan Crawford . . . James throws hissy fit . . . the crew collects the tapes.

The TMZ film shows none of this, so don’t get your man-panties in a wad if your company firewall blocks celebrity skeez sites. The quality of the film is minimal at best . . . although it’s obvious that Lebron simply was lazy covering the lane while playing help D during a pickup game. It happens in your local gym every day. Plus he’s 6’4” tall, which is more than enough vertical leeway for any athlete to get above the rim.