Tyler Like NASCAR

28 Jul 2009

ESPN: So Tyler, what did you think of waving the green flag at Brickyard this weekend?

Hansbrough: Tyler like NASCAR. Tyler get bored putting ball through hoop. I ugh, Tyler decided he goes to NASCAR race this weekend. Crowd thinks Tyler waved green flag. Tyler held back 30,000 HP of cars with his hand . . . then said “GO”.

ESPN: So you held back 20+ cars . . . then said “GO”?

Hansbrough: Tyler put ball in hoop.

ESPN: Yes, we know you’ve averaged 20 points, 9 rebounds in the summer leagues. But this is about your weekend at the races. I hear Junior happens to be your favorite . . . where were you when “The Crash” happened?

Hansbrough: Tyler wrecks lanes.

ESPN: No, the crash of Dale Sr . . .  one of the most notable events in NC history. Not basketball lanes. 

Hansbrough: *Blank stare*

ESPN: Have you ever been to a NASCAR race Tyler?

Hanbrough: Tyler go one time . . . . 


ESPN: And how was it?

Hansbrough: *Blank stare as he recalls above memory* . . . Tyler not allowed back. 

ESPN: Well can you explain to us what happened?

Hansbrough: Box out. BOX OUT! TYLER BOXED OUT IN LANE. Bodies everywhere.

ESPN: That sounds . . . like a bad memory. Is there anything else you’re thinking about at this moment?

Hansbrough: Ever heard of the Tyler-Bow?