Tiger Woods, Not Good Enough For A Real Car

03 Aug 2009

Tiger Woods’s struggles continued this weekend at the Buick Open where he finished at 20-under par with a $918,000 paycheck to take home. He won the event but how impressive was he? He only won a Buick.

This win defines Woods’s career. Through all the ups and downs, media hype, and occasional success, Tiger has never made the upgrade past Buick. Buicks are known around the world as a car for mediocrity, and that is what Tiger Strives for. This year he has won 40% of the stroke play events and is that suppose to impress us as he leaves the tournament in a LeSabre. hy doesn’t Mercedes, Lexus, or even Honda sponsor you? Oh yeah you are a loser.

Tiger has won a mildly impressive 5.4 million dollars this year so far, and he still drives a Buick. Pathetic sellout