The Most Ill-advised . . . Awesomely Inappropriate 2009 Fantasy Football Team Names

20 Aug 2009

It’s that time of the year again: fantasy football season. The time of the year when all men shy away from making love to their smoking hot wives and spend more time delving into the depths of sports blogs and football stats. Is this sad? Perhaps. But one thing seems to happen annually to all fantasy lovers: getting stuck in a league you never wanted to be a part of in the first place.

Perhaps it is a work, dorm, or family league . . . either way the fact is you didn’t pay $100 to enter and the only thing on the line is pride. But if all else fails and you have a terrible draft, at least you can fall back on one thing: a clever name.

Here is a list of the best fantasy football team names for the 2009-2010 season:

Steve McNair Names

Steve McNair’s Speedholes

Affair McNair

McNair is My Sleeper Pick

Aired Out McNair

Steve McNair Shotgun Draw

Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past II – Airholes


Mike Vick Names

Mike Vick’s Pitbull Mittens

Mike Vick and the Parole Violatazzz

Vick’s Wildcat Dogfight

Kibbles ‘n’ Vicks

Vick’s 6-ft Underdogs

Ron Mexico & the Itches

Hide Your Beagle, Vick’s an Eagle

Visanthe Shiancoe Names

1st & Visanthe Shiancoe

Visanthe Shankhoes

Visanthe’s Taint Tears

Chad Ochocinco Names

Chad Lost his Johnson

Chad’s MuchoFuckos

Chad Ochocinco Thinks My Team Name’s More Tragic than 9/11

Ochocinco Said he’d Tweet me a Name

Ben Roethlisberger Names

Big Ben’s Ouchy Penis Spot

Andrea McNulty’s TV Repair

Big Ben’s TV Repairman

Donte Stallworth Names

Donte Stallworth’s High Beams

Stallworth Steamrollers

Donte’s Bloody Bentleys

Donte’s Law: Pedestrians are Easier to Catch than Footballs

Donte’s 30 Days & 30 Nights

Jay Cutler Names

Cutlerfucker’s Insulin Dealer

Blood Sugar Sex Cannon

The Diabetic Shockers

4th & Drunk
Brett Farve Names

Farve Dollar Footlong

Farve, Retiring Since 2006

It’s Farve from Over



The BrittFarr Mississippi Drama Queens

Tom Brady Names

Gisele to Pound Town

Brady Left Knee Bounty

Brady’s Unused Condoms

Tom Brady at the Battle of Wounded Knee

Detroit Lions Name

Swim, Swim, Swim

Buoy Lions

Other Names

Ronnie Brown Noise

Wildcat Malt Offense

Forgetting Brandon Marshall

Erin Andrew’s Peephole

Erin Andrew’s Landing Strip

Shockey was Never Conscious Anyways

First Down Syndrome

99 Problems and A-ddai Ain’t One

New Orly Taints


Kardashian Trimmed Some Bush

Backfield Penetration

Eli – The Other White Manning

Black Horse & the Crab Tree