The 8 Most Intense Sports Intros of All Time

29 Jan 2010

Professional and collegiate athletics have become less about the performace and more about the show. And for the most part, many people that attend these sporting events are expecting just that, a show. Since the Cowboys have installed their 70 yard HD television, pregrame rituals have been taken to a new level. Here are the nation’s best sports intro videos.

8. 2001 South Carolina Gamecocks

When it comes to college football there are very few teams that have an intro as intense as the fighting Gamecocks. Clemson, eat your heart out. While running down a hill is cool and all, it just isn’t on the same caliber as your instate rivals.

7. The 1996 Chicago Bulls

This team was a dynasty during the game as well as before. The intro for the 1996 Chicago Bulls (or any of their 90s team for that matter) is something that will never be forgotten.

6. Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuumbleeeeeeeeee

Probably the most iconic phrase in all of boxing . . . it even has its own video game on the Dreamcast.

5. Alaska Nanook’s 2010 Intro

Alaska is a weird place in itself. With the wilderness, darkness, and disconnection from the lower 48 states, there’s not a lot to get excited about in Alaska. However, the Nanook’s 2010 intro has taken hockey to a whole new level.

4. Boston Celtic’s Intro

The Boston Celtic’s intro is to the 2000’s as the Bulls was to the 90’s. Classy, ahead of its time, as well as memorable, it’s something that we will be talking about into the next decade.

3. The 2008 Bejing Opening Ceremonies

Since this is technically a sports intro, it had to be included. Some of the shit the Chinese pulled off in the 2008 Bejing opening ceremonies was absolutely, utterly, and insanely ridiculous.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin Intro

If there were ever a master to any intro, it would be Stone Cold Steve Austin. If you’re a man and have never wanted to enter a room like a WWE professional wrestler, then you’re lying to yourself.

1. 2009 Alaska Nanooks Intro

No comment needed. The 2010 video couldn’t even compare to this one.