NBA Draft Winners and The Sole Loser: Canada

25 Jun 2010

The BA Draft came and went last night with many newly minted millionaires in the process. Must be an exciting time for players, teams, and fans but there are always those teams that had a great draft so we will look at those teams.

  • Detroit Pistons- Taking Greg Monroe at number 7 was a great pick. Monroe is arguably the most skilled big man since Tim Duncan so the sky is the limit for him. ALready know for his passing, Monroe needs to improve his aggressiveness and show the passion for the game that is necessary for a NBA star. I think he will be a steal at 7 in a couple of years. There second pick, 36, was also a big value pick. Terrico White out of Ole Miss can jump out of the gym and may be able to use that to become a good player. Time will tell but he has the chance to be a top 15 player in the draft.
  • Houston Rockets- They got Patrick Patterson at 14! He may be a little undersized but he plays hard down low and has a good outside game as well. I see him as a Jamison type player. Great pick to play along side Yao, if he ever gets un-injured.
  • LA Lakers- As much as I hate the whiny b***h Kobe, the Lakers got two high potential players in the second round that may be able to help the team immediately. Devin Ebanks at 43 is a steal and Derrick Caracter at 58 may turn out to be the steal of the draft as it seems that he has turned a corner and matured to an adult. I hate Kobe.
  • Sacramento Kings- With all the s**t hitting the fan in Arnold-town, the Kings really needed to give these fans something to cheer about and they did it in a BIG way. Drafting Demarcus Cousins at 5 and Hassan Whiteside at 33 immediately improved their bigs and now have a great pick and roll combo for the next 10 years. My favorite draft of anyone and hopefully they will pick up next year and start winning.

The Loser- Canada

Not only are they going to lose the only thing that keeps their team and their country relevant for basketball, Chris Bosh, they try to draft a lefty PF to replace him. Good thought they need a power forward but then they got ED DAVIS. That is a f**k you from the state of NC to Canada.