Clarett Arrives Back At Ohio State after 3 plus Years in Jail

27 Jul 2010

Maurice Clarett came back to finish his career at Ohio St recently, too bad its only his academic career. Clarett was the future of football back in 2002 after leading the Buckeyes to the 2002 National Championship. But now eight years later he is a washed up, ashamed man with only his education to finish at Ohio St.

With the agent mess that is running through the SEC and the ACC, Clarett should be exhibit A for the NCAA about how agents and media can make a player believe he is bigger than the game. As a freshman, he was treated as a god, now 8 years later his life has been ruined by people telling him that he was a god. He wanted to test the NFL because people told him that millions awaited, and then when he actually tried out for the NFL he was embarrassingly slow with no chance of anything.

Now he is a convicted felon and one can look no further than the agents and “friends” advising him to fight the NFL rather than play out his days at Ohio St. and become a legend.