Coach K…Actually Correct on this one

11 Aug 2010

Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski disagrees with the concept of Isiah Thomas holding a dual role of FIU coach and Knicks consultant.

The NBA likely will rule today on whether to void Thomas’ new consulting contract.

“I think it’s better if there’s separation of both,” said Duke’s legendary coach. “I don’t think it would be good if the Bulls tried to hire me as a consultant. Just because I don’t think it’s right to [UNC coach] Roy Williams and the rest of the guys in our league to have a college coach do that. It’s best served to have the pros, then there’s college.”

Krzyzewski pointed out yet another conflict of interest that had not been reported. NBA teams often call college coaches before the draft to get their take on players.

“We’re [unofficial] consultants to the pros before the draft,” Coach K said. “Teams call us, what do you think of this, or that. It’s better to have it like that. If the Warriors call you, you can tell them. If the Knicks call, you can tell them.”

Team USA assistant Jim Boeheim of Syracuse was also steadfastly against the Isiah contract.

“It’s a conflict either way, from college or from the NBA,” Boeheim said. “I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Krzyzewski added, “It’s like high school coach Bob Hurley doing something for me. It’s best separated.”


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