12 Oct 2010

If you thought that all sports writers were going to protect Brett Favre, you’d be wrong. It’s somewhat axiomatic that writers come to the aid of the sports “stars” when the boys misbehave.

This may very well have gone way out into the end-zone to be considered, “misbehaving.” It’s about sexual harassment.

Jason Whitlock a writer for Fox Sports has written some very straight forward things about this situation. He writes, “This is sexual harassment. She’s a human being. If she sold popcorn for the Jets, Favre’s conduct would still be inappropriate.”

Whitlock also says in his report that sexual harassment is not an issue that can be ignored. That it’s real, pervasive, damaging and unfair.

Dan Graziano, Senior NFL Writer for NFL FanHouse writes, “He’s just another arrogant millionaire jock — a guy who has everything but still wants more. His is an ego so massive and invincible that he can’t conceive of a woman ignoring or rejecting his advances, so he thinks nothing of escalating them to the point of offering her evidence of the contents of his Real. Comfortable. Jeans.”

These are two very courageous sports writers. A Favre fan calling himself, Pete Slawek wrote a comment that what Favre did is, “no more or less that (sic) happens among teenages (sic) frequently. If he took a shot at her it’s no big deal.” It’s probably a big deal to Mrs. Favre and their children. Hey Pete, you have a sister, a wife, maybe a mother, know a female? His comment was posted on the FanHouse page.

Many “fans” will try to give Favre an alibi or a reason or excuse for what Favre’s alleged to have done. Excuses abound.

That these two writers took an unpopular stand says a lot about their character.