Chilly Out As Vikings Coach

22 Nov 2010

Brad Childress was never beloved in Minnesota by the fans or his players, but he did enjoy plenty of success before this disastrous season.

The Vikings won 6, 8, 10, and then 12 games inChilly’s four complete seasons.  He won two division titles with two different quarterbacks.  His lack of people skills, poor special teams, and terrible clock management will be remembered more than most of the wins. Especially the people skills.

On Monday, he said goodbye to the organization in a statement after the team’s worst home loss in nine years..

“The past five years have been a tremendous experience for my family and I as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings,” Childress said.  “I have a great respect for the players and coaches who I have worked with and for their dedication to each other and to the organization.

“I am proud of our accomplishments and believe the foundation of this football team is stronger today than when I became head coach in 2006. I appreciate the opportunity that Zygi, Mark, and the whole Wilf family afforded me and wish them success as they move forward.”

We’ll hear from some Vikings players later on Monday.  In the meantime, Percy Harvin can act as the defacto spokesperson via his Twitter account:

“Just another week to me . . . I just wanna play football,” Harvin wrote.

The tweet has since been deleted.