Curtain of Distraction makes ASU students look…smarter

Curtain of Distraction makes ASU students look…smarter
10 Feb 2015

Gone are the days of screaming, waving your hands in a crazy motion or even wearing a speedo to distract a free throw shooter. Arizona State has finally found a class that some of the students can actually pass: distraction. The very average Sun Devil basketball team is not the reason to tune in but rather the creativity of the student section has caused some chatter lately. They call it the “Curtain of Distraction” where right before the shooter takes the shot a curtain from behind the hoop opens and anything from a Katy Perry lookalike¬†to a twerking unicorn could pop out.

katy perry asu

The scary part is that this is actually working. This past Saturday ¬†ASU upset in-state rival Arizona where the Wildcats shot 66% from the charity stripe in the second half. For the ASU students, that’s 34% lower then a 100%.