Brett Farve Retires Byyyyyyyaaaaaaahhhhhh

Ye boi I gets dem Fentesy Football pleyers to put me on der’ team. I says I comin’ back den I go head-n-retire in July. BYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. I says I was goin’ ta New Yorks. Den Miami. Den Green Bey’. Den I’s gonna take ovah Minnesota . . . BYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! ESPN...

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Despite Divine Intervention – Brett Farve to Repair and Return

Amidst the media sploogefest involving the summer blockbuster movies, Hollywood breakups, and shitty television pilots, we all thought for once this year we would be free of Brett Frama (Farve and drama have simultaneously combined through ESPN throughout the last 3 seasons). The man is turning 40 years old . ....

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Kissingsuzykolber Lets Brett Farve Explain his Injuries

This might have been the cure to my case of the Mondays as the crew at Kissingsuzykolber does it once again, enjoy: Yassee dare hushpuppy, daboddys inna mayzin thing. Darezoll kendsuh stuffa gonn onn indere. Wut kinna thins in dere? Welp, dare blood. In dare piss. In dare itty bitty...

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Vick to be Released from Prison

On May 20, 2009 Michael Vick will be released from federal prison to his home in Leavenworth, Kansas. According to ESPN:    Vick will serve out his home confinement period in a five-bedroom home he owns in Hampton, Va., where he will live with his fiancée and two of his...

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Japanese Football is rather . . . Strange?

With the impending NFL draft, the Japanese are putting forth their best athlete via anime . . . and the Detroit Lions are taking interest. According to this highlight realm, “Eyeshield 21” can run a blistering 0.23 in the 40, has an unmeasurable vertical, and can only be tackled with...

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