Reason #45: Why Lane Kiffin Sucks

The more you hear about the NCAA’s ongoing investigation into Tennessee’s recruiting practices under former coach Lane Kiffin, the clearer it is that this probe is much broader than a couple of recruiting hostesses making a trip last September to see a high school football game in Duncan, S.C. That...

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Coach K…Actually Correct on this one

Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski disagrees with the concept of Isiah Thomas holding a dual role of FIU coach and Knicks consultant. The NBA likely will rule today on whether to void Thomas’ new consulting contract. “I think it’s better if there’s separation of both,” said Duke’s legendary coach. “I...

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New Season For the Panthers Look Bright

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Gone are veterans Jake Delhomme, Julius Peppers and Muhsin Muhammad. The Panthers this offseason decided to tear apart the roster and start over again. Expect at least eight new starters this season, most of whom don’t have much starting experience. None is bigger than quarterback Matt Moore, who is 6-2...

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Rick Reilly You Suck Too!

Evel Knievel tried to jump the Snake River Canyon. David Copperfield tried to make 747s disappear. I’m going to try to defend Lane Kiffin. To read the columnists, Kiffin, USC’s new head football coach, apparently eats poached children for breakfast, sticks sharp things in the eyes of the elderly and...

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The Indecision

The last we checked the list of things we know about Brett Favre, he had not done anything criminal, borderline criminal or even moderately seedy. He isn’t Ben Roethlisberger. He isn’t Michael Vick. He isn’t even Tiger Woods. He hasn’t been found to be importing questionable doctors from Canada. He...

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Dez Bryant Exposes Himself as the New T.O.

Dez Bryant is immediately exposing him as a team cancer after a recent spat with veteran, although terrible, receiver Roy Williams. The issue at hand is the old time tradition of hazing rookies by making them carry bags and do other odd tasks for veterans. Everyone hates you Dez Bryant!

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