Vick to be Released from Prison

On May 20, 2009 Michael Vick will be released from federal prison to his home in Leavenworth, Kansas. According to ESPN:    Vick will serve out his home confinement period in a five-bedroom home he owns in Hampton, Va., where he will live with his fiancée and two of his...

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NASCAR GPS Finally on the Way – FML

Occasionally I will visit my hometown newspaper online to see what the word is within Stanly County. Other than the plea from the editorial board to ban gay marriage, NASCAR graced the front page this morning with a state-of-the-art breakthrough in GPS navigation. Yes, where I am from NASCAR makes...

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Extreme Ironing : One Step Up from Rhythmic Dusting

Extreme Ironing (or otherwise referred to as EI) is a two tier sport that covers the elements of extremeness and performance at the same time. The basic gist of this extreme sport is to iron several items of clothing in a remote location. As explained on the official website, extreme...

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UCONN Women Keep Perfect Season

For those that missed SportsCenter this morning . . . or forgot to listen, the UCONN Husky Ladies completed their perfect season with a National Championship. I’ve heard some rather crude jokes on this subject . . . my  favorite being: “What does women’s basketball and Watergate have in common?”...

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