Pacquiao sworn in to Congress

World welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao has officially added a new title — Congressman. Pacquiao was sworn in to the Philippines’ House of Representatives on Monday in the southern province of Sarangani. “He wants change,” Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, said of Pacquiao before the boxer won the election. “I think it’s...

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Brett Farve Retires Byyyyyyyaaaaaaahhhhhh

Ye boi I gets dem Fentesy Football pleyers to put me on der’ team. I says I comin’ back den I go head-n-retire in July. BYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. I says I was goin’ ta New Yorks. Den Miami. Den Green Bey’. Den I’s gonna take ovah Minnesota . . . BYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! ESPN...

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Tyler Like NASCAR

ESPN: So Tyler, what did you think of waving the green flag at Brickyard this weekend? Hansbrough: Tyler like NASCAR. Tyler get bored putting ball through hoop. I ugh, Tyler decided he goes to NASCAR race this weekend. Crowd thinks Tyler waved green flag. Tyler held back 30,000 HP of cars...

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Expectations for RAWleigh

On Monday, July 20th, I will be crossing off one line of my bucket list-attend a WWE/WWF event. From 5th to 7th grade, I was a WWF fanatic, I watched wrestling five nights a week ranging from WWF Raw and Smackdownm to WCW Nitro on Wednesday nights. But as I...

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