The 10 Best NASCAR Mullets You Will Never Find on Television

Since our junior year of high school, the ole “gang” of Stanly County, North Carolina takes their annual Mecca to Southern heaven. You see, we’re from a place a little too quaint to be referred to by its real name. The locals call our community Aquadale, but we reluctantly refer...

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“Female” Zimbabwean Athlete has Flaccid Defense for Penis

In the world of running, athletes performance enhancing substances have long been a problem. But in Zimbabwe’s international women’s running circuit, Samukeliso Sithole is accused of having the worst performance enhancing substance: a penis. It turns out Sithole masqueraded around the country, winning dozens of women’s events and pursing millions of dollars. Charges...

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Canadian Torch’s Appearance is Rather Sticky

When you look at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic torch, your mind may think it was inspired by a number of things:                        – A burning metal stick? – A straightened boomerang? – A blunt? – A joint? – A hand rolled cigarette...

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Pic of the Day – 05.15.09 – RIP Preakness Shit-Show

This year, the Preakness has banned personal coolers in the infield during the race. That means the shit show – port-o-potty running – shitfest will be a little more reasonable this year. When you’re paying $3.50 per beer (which is a great price for a sporting event), one is likely...

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Kissingsuzykolber Lets Brett Farve Explain his Injuries

This might have been the cure to my case of the Mondays as the crew at Kissingsuzykolber does it once again, enjoy: Yassee dare hushpuppy, daboddys inna mayzin thing. Darezoll kendsuh stuffa gonn onn indere. Wut kinna thins in dere? Welp, dare blood. In dare piss. In dare itty bitty...

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Aporkalypse Now – Call Me the Porkator

So I posted “hamdemic” (Thanks to Ross at Trivia for enlightening me with this term) to Reddit yesterday and it failed after nearly 12 hours. Last night I posted this article and “No one liked my idea of calling the “pandemic” a “hamdemic” . . . well, I’m drunks and...

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