Aporkalypse Now – Call Me the Porkator

So I posted “hamdemic” (Thanks to Ross at Trivia for enlightening me with this term) to Reddit yesterday and it failed after nearly 12 hours. Last night I posted this article and “No one liked my idea of calling the “pandemic” a “hamdemic” . . . well, I’m drunks and...

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Ankiel Mustache Passes, American Mustache Institute Reacts

The AMI is one of greatness and glory, but I have never gotten a better laugh than the eulogy of Ankiel’s mustache. For complete coverage and immersian into mustache glory, visit the site. Here’s a little excerpt:  It lived a life most of us would envy. But, in the end,...

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Vick to be Released from Prison

On May 20, 2009 Michael Vick will be released from federal prison to his home in Leavenworth, Kansas. According to ESPN:    Vick will serve out his home confinement period in a five-bedroom home he owns in Hampton, Va., where he will live with his fiancée and two of his...

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