Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Expectations for RAWleigh

On Monday, July 20th, I will be crossing off one line of my bucket list-attend a WWE/WWF event. From 5th to 7th grade, I was a WWF fanatic, I watched wrestling five nights a week ranging from WWF Raw and Smackdownm to WCW Nitro on Wednesday nights. But as I...

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“Female” Zimbabwean Athlete has Flaccid Defense for Penis

In the world of running, athletes performance enhancing substances have long been a problem. But in Zimbabwe’s international women’s running circuit, Samukeliso Sithole is accused of having the worst performance enhancing substance: a penis. It turns out Sithole masqueraded around the country, winning dozens of women’s events and pursing millions of dollars. Charges...

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*And the NC State Hurricanes were born*

Say, that’s a real nice rink you got there. What’s that you’re playing on? Ice? Well that’s a purdy good playing surface . . . if you’re an Eskimo. Here in North Carolina we play on football fields. Made of 74% grass. And rattle snakes What’s that stick you got...

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